Tree Removal

With more then a decade of experience ADM Tree & Landscaping provides professional tree and stump removal services. ADM maintains a fleet of specialized trucks and equipment to handle any of your tree removal needs. With well-trained tree removal experts, ADM assures the safety of your property and a clean removal of any trees or stumps.

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Tree Trimming

Are your tree’s branches too long and hovering over your house? Call ADM today to get a quick quote on trimming your trees! Don’t wait until it’s too late to cut your branches. Storms, snow and other weather conditions can cause the branches to smash into windows or cause other damages on your home. Before it becomes a larger problem, let ADM Tree & Landscaping trim your trees safely and cleanly. You can count on our amazing team to keep your property looking great!


Lot Clearing

ADM provides high-quality lot clearing services for home and business owners. Whether you have purchased a lot of land or are a land developer, we help to make sure we clear and even out your lot so you can get started on your project. ADM removes all debris such as trees, shrubs, stumps, and other debris that could be in the way. To prevent future trees from growing we make sure to grind any stumps and remove them from your lot.


Other Services provided in
Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC:

  • Planting, Seeding, & Mulching

  • Leaf & Snow Removal

  • Tree Elevation